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BQ Retreats was founded by Noah Houghton, driven by his own experiences of enduring years of unsatisfactory forum retreats.

Planning a retreat filled with unique experiences and valuable learning content is a time and energy-intensive endeavor. For CEOs and founders, time is a precious commodity they can't spare. In 2016, Noah brought together a team of planning professionals to address this challenge and assist forums in organizing exceptional retreats.

Today, BQ has distilled the knowledge from planning over 600 YPO and EO retreats into its Destination Guides (complete playbooks to plan your own retreat), Facilitator Directory (profiles of top-rated forum facilitators). Additionally, BQ has a network of Planning Professionals and offers exclusive VIP Benefits at Luxury Hotels around the world.

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Complete playbook to plan your own retreat


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Brian M - EO Detroit

The house was perfect and Lacey did an outstanding job of coordinating the events.
I will certainly spread the word amongst my friends at EO and YPO. Thanks for everything.

Matt H -

YPO British Columbia

I was overwhelmed with having to plan my forum's retreat. The guides made my life easy and saved me countless hours of research time.

Jon S - EO Indiana

The trip was amazing! Both locations were incredible and great compliments to each other. Xavier was awesome as always. Food and excursions were top notch. Thanks again for a wonderful retreat!

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